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7 Steps To A Successful Company eStore.

Great Company eStores don't happen by chance. A little preparation will contribute to the future success of your store. To get started, follow these seven steps and give us a call.

1. Determine your purpose and target audience.

Do you need a Company eStore to protect your brand & corporate identity? To offload and centralize warehousing and distribution? Who will be using the store? Customers? Employees? Departments? Vendors? Decide precisely who you want shopping at your store and we'll work together to create one that works for them. Within the same store, we can create multiple storefronts with unique looks, features and pricing to appeal to different audiences-ask us how!

2. Set realistic goals for acceptance and sales.

Outline your current method of purchasing and distributing promotional products. How easy will it be to convert your purchasers and change their buying habits? What about new store customers? We'll help you make a clear plan and set short and long-term goals to make your new store a success right from the start.

3. Allocate reasonable resources for budgets, time, and personnel.

Empower and give authority to your internal corporate store managers. We're here to show you how we can make your store work-even with limited time, personnel and money!

4. Select appropriate items.

What do your shoppers like to buy? What have they purchased in the past? We'll put our thirty years of industry savvy to work for you and come up with the perfect mix of products for your store.

5. Communicate and market to all stakeholders.

How will your audience find out about your store? Promoting it will be a deciding factor on how successful your store will be. We offer advanced online tools that can allow management to create their own special offers and market them-all from within your store!

6. Measure performance and respond.

A good Company eStore is one that changes and adapts over time. We offer the reporting tools and hands-on management required for evaluating the success of your store and making sure it reaches your goals.

7. Choose the best Company eStore supplier — Merkur & Sister.

We will exceed your expectations and make your store easy and worry-free! Call us today and one of our experienced Company eStore representatives will get to work for you.

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